Leverage your time productively.

The power of saving productive hours through automating the MOM's through secured cloud environment.

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Increased Man hour productivity.

An assistant who would schedule potential meetings for you and send you a notification of the meeting 15 mins prior to the start and many more.

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Beautiful Vibrant & Modern Design

With the best User experience and design, Log Meeting gives its customers a best eye treat making life simpler.

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Awesome Features

Our features tell you why we are awesome. Making managing several tasks easy & efficient.

Unlimited Storage

While most of the web conferencing apps strategise their sales & marketing around storage plans, Log Meeting is happy to accommodate unlimited space for you.

Admin Controls

Manage, Monitor, Analyse your usage of Log Meeting With the simple & efficient Admin Panel. Log Meeting Analytics tell you why it is best to use.

Secured Cloud Environment

Your private & confidential data is important. That's why Log Meeting gives you the best secured cloud environment. Be worry free because you are taken care.

Key Features

Outstanding, Amazing, Sensational, New & Most Wanted Hallmarks.

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Audio & Video Conferencing

Converse through audio or make your meeting exciting with video conferencing features. Log Meeting allows 30 participants for individual plans to have a video meeting. With the Mixed Reality technology, make it even more crazier. Don't miss your loved ones.

Files Sharing

Share files before meetings or during the meetings. Log Meeting does not encourage you to share executable files as per our security compliances, but lets you share all kinds of media, documents & other important files. Amazing isn't it?

Webinars & Instant Chat (Group & P2P)

Log Meeting Webinars have several plans. From 100 to 1000 participants in one session. Check Log Meeting webinars section for more details(coming soon). Instant messaging allows you to have a chat with your group or any individual within a group. Amazing right?

Automated Minutes of Meeting

The heart & soul of the application. Log Meeting transcribes speech to text and generates minutes of meeting automatically. Share those minutes to all attendees on emails. The first tool globally to collaborate Meetings with Automated Minutes of Meetings.

Recorded Audio Files

Log Meeting records your meetings audio files on cloud directly. Encrypts & stores them on secured cloud environment. using these files to convert your meetings speeches to text and generate MOM's through them. You can access them at anytime.

How it works!

Are your meeting tools secure & confidential? Are you losing focus taking notes during meetings? Fed-up of drafting the minutes of meetings? No more worries!

A strong value proposition

Digitize & automate the standardized meeting agenda and follow up process to save time.

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Minutes of Meeting

Using Audio-to-Text transcription Log Meeting automatically transform your meeting recording into a minutes of meeting template and share via emails and other 3rd party applications.

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Available on iOS and Android

Go Go Go !!! Download your Log Meeting mobile app now ! Get started with scheduling your 1st meeting. Enjoy your meeting experience with one of the best online meeting tools.

App Screens

Our hand-woven designs & user experience will allow you to use Log Meeting without hiccups. You cannot pass off our application without sending us appreciation for these wonderful designs.


Flexible, Affordable, Competitive & Most Reasonable Prices you will ever believe to use Log Meeting. Compare our prices with the best solutions available and you will only find us cheaper.

What our Potential Customers Say?

We have been receiving tremendous feedback from our valuable & potential customers. Check what they have to say about us after working with us on our demo

Frequently Asked

We understand you will be handling our toddler and take care of him. But we also want to guide you on questions you might ask frequently. Here are some queries you might want to get answers quickly before you contact our support team.

1. How can I schedule Meeting?

You can schedule a future one time or a future recurring meeting. This can be done after successful login to the application using "+" icon or tap/clicking "SCHEDULE MEETING" link from your dashboard. You can invite your participants ahead of time and include the invitation on a calendar or send it out via email and notification.

2. How can I take actions on Meeting invite?

You will receive an email alert and notification for every meeting scheduled by your host. You can take an action to it either by "Accepting" or "Tentatively Accepting" or "Declining" the same. However, this action is not required for a meeting which was invited through meeting link, id and password, as by default you are allowed to join the meeting in such case.

3. How is the data protected?

We follow the process of encryption and decryption, to protect the data. While storing, the data has been encrypted and while accessing the same through application, it will be decrypted. With this process, the data cannot be readable and vulnerable.

4. How can I share files for the meeting?

You can share the files which are required for the meeting, before joining itself. To do so, access the meeting details from your dashboard through "UPCOMING" section. Tap/Click "Attach Files" button and proceed to join. However, you still have an option to attach, view and download the files during the meeting as well.

5. How can I listen recorded Audio of the meeting?

You can hear the total recording of the meeting through audio file, which will be sent via email after the meeting is finished. You can hear the same through "COMPLETED" meetings section from your dashboard.

6. How can I access Minutes of Meeting?

You can hear the MOM recording and read the transcription of the meeting through email, which will be sent after the meeting is finished. You can also access the same through "COMPLETED" meetings section from your dashboard.

7. Who will be sharing the Minutes of Meeting?

Once the meeting is finished, the system will generate MOM within no time and it can be accessed for all participants through "COMPLETED" meetings section from the dashboard. However, only host can review and share the same through email.

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